About the Petsos Collection

This body of work is a collection of observations made across more than twenty years of walking the streets of New York City with my camera, capturing the buildings, people, and public spaces of my home. So much has changed since the end of the 20th century. I concentrate on the rich legacy that remains intact, and the new structures that distinguish themselves from everything else being built.

Fascination with architecture, and the landscapes and cultures from which it developed, has made travel a central feature of my life. Returning to the studio and examining what I’ve collected through the camera is a joy. Every picture I take has a reason behind it. But it’s not always easy to decide what I should include for sale as prints on these pages, so if you’re interested in particular subject matter from New York, Greece, Italy, Paris etc. that you can’t find here, ask me what else I might have.

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Chris Petsos photographing a lighthouse through rocks
Christopher Petsos shooting on the island of Andros, Greece

Artist Statement

"My goal is to present more than just a mechanical depiction transferred from the camera sensor. Cameras can record the physical details of a scene, but our human eyes are more sensitive to the spiritual aspect of light. Our emotions are affected by it. So that’s what I want my photographs to represent: what I saw, but also what I felt. I don’t want to create a fantasy with my photography; the world is incredible enough. So I always stay faithful to the underlying reality of the scene when I process the raw images that I’ve captured in the field."


Christopher Petsos began his career as a textile designer after graduating with honors from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. His outstanding creativity in composition and color brought him quick success as a textile designer and graphic artist in New York’s competitive design industry, where he became the art director of a busy studio.

Photography was the primary source of inspiration for his illustration and design work, and he carried a camera everywhere he went. At first he was taking basic snapshots to be used only for design reference, but as he became more adept at photography he realized it was his greatest passion. Christopher transitioned his career away from the fashion industry and began building a serious photography collection, documenting New York City’s diverse architecture, neighborhoods, and people. At first he marketed his collection to other design professionals. Through word of mouth his large scale prints were being increasingly sought by a discriminating clientele, and hung in some of the city's most exquisite private interiors. As Christopher's list of clients grew, he kept expanding his subject matter to include series devoted to Miami, Paris, Greece, Italy, Stockholm, and other locations.

Christopher's work has been collected by thousands of clients who've encountered his extraordinary prints being exhibited in New York’s SoHo, Tribeca, the Lower East Side, and Midtown Manhattan, where his studio showroom is located.

Photography from the collection has been featured in the New York Times Magazine and licensed by prestigious organizations such as Cornell University, which recently chose his skyline photography to be used as the imagery covering the school’s inter-campus buses.

Christopher is currently working on a series that documents the New York City architecture and communities being rapidly destroyed, ostensibly in the name of progress, as the city reinvents itself for the 21st century.

The Prints

In today's digital world, photos are most often viewed on a variety of devices and screens; all with their own color gamut, resolution, and brightness. Did you ever pick up a friend's phone and wonder why the screen looks so yellow, or blue, or dark? Everyone has different settings for their devices. You can never be certain that you're seeing the image as the photographer or artist originally intended.

That's why a carefully executed print remains the ultimate way to experience fine art photography. Light, shadow, and color are precisely controlled by the photographer in a consistent and enduring form. A high quality print is a thing of precise execution and adherence to the artist's intent, something to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Christopher controls every aspect that goes into his prints. He does all of the post-processing himself, prepares every individual file for printing, and inspects every proof. Only then will he sign his name on the print. The same attention to detail is devoted to each one produced, whether it's a signed and numbered limited edition, or an open edition print.

1960 Through a Tale of the Past. 40x60" print. Visit the Nature series.
1985 First Light on the Fields. 40x60" print. Visit the Italy series.

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Edition sizes vary by image and pricing is subject to increase as the edition sells out. For this reason, please email sales@chrispetsos.com for detailed and current price information on the limited edition(s) of a specific image(s) by referring to the 4-digit number and title of the artwork. You will receive a prompt response and the expert level of customer service you would expect with the purchase of premium fine art. A sales representative will answer all of your questions and help you complete your order.

Limited edition prints are available as your choice of either metal prints or archival prints mounted to gallery acrylic. Your sales representative can help you make that choice based on your interior, lighting setup, or any other concerns.

The following information will give you a general idea of the edition and pricing structure:

20”x 30” edition of 100, starting at $800-$1200
24”x 36” edition of 75-100, starting at $1200-1400
30”x 45” edition of 50-75, starting at $1800
40”x 60” edition of 5-25, starting at $2800
45”x 68”- 48x72” edition of 5-25, starting at $3200

Limited editions are signed, numbered, and ready to hang with an option of wire or French cleat-style hardware. Metal prints include a flush frame or inset frame.

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Order directly by email. 11x15” prints are mounted to a 16x20” white acid-fee mat with white core, prepared on archival paper with Epson Claria ink. See the image to the left for size specifications.

With proper care the prints will retain their appearance for a lifetime without fading or yellowing. These are true archival prints. The size is perfectly fitted for a standard 16x20” frame. As such, it does not require custom framing unless you want a different mat size or color.



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*Please note, these sizes, unlike the 11x15 special offer, are sold as PRINTS ONLY and do not arrive already matted, unless you choose a framed option.

rocks and stone arch with blue and turquoise water in MIlos
8924 Kleftiko No.1
Milos 2017
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The pont Alexandre III bridge in early morning light with reflections on the River Seine and gold details blazing brightly
9715 Morning Light on the Pont Alexander III
Paris 2017
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6118 Moynihan Train Hall No.1
New York 2021
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6947 Canyon of Light
New York 2021
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