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Chris Petsos photographing a lighthouse through rocks
Christopher Petsos shooting on the island of Andros, Greece

Artist's Statement

"We see things through a filter of the self. A camera records the physical details of a scene, but our human eyes and subconscious selves are the interpreters that complete our view of reality.

The facts recorded by the camera are my basis, and from there I incorporate my human observations of light and color into the photo using a handheld stylus. In the “digital darkroom” I use precise brush strokes to alternately mask or reveal layered exposures, with total control over the intensity of light, and depth of shadow.

I always stay faithful to the underlying reality of the scene, yet I’m presenting more than just a mechanical depiction transferred from the camera sensor. It’s a collaboration between the device, my own senses, and my hand’s ability to draw out the subtleties in the story I want to tell. The final result is a sense of hyper-reality: facts imbued with feeling."


Christopher Petsos is a professional photographer who began his career in the arts after graduating Summa Cum Laude from F.I.T. in New York City, one of the top art and design schools in the world. His outstanding creativity in composition and color brought him quick success as a textile designer and graphic artist in New York’s competitive design industry, where he eventually became the art director of a busy studio.

From the beginning, photography was the primary source of inspiration for his illustrations and designs that were rendered in paint and other traditional art mediums. He always turned to the big city around him for reference, with a camera at his side everywhere he went. At the same time, his twenty years of experience as a professional artist and designer were resulting in photos that were sophisticated works in their own right.

It wasn’t long before he realized that photography was his greatest passion. He shifted his career focus to devote all his attention to photography, documenting New York City’s diverse architecture, people and storefronts.

As his collection grew, he expanded his range to Paris, Greece, Italy, London, Stockholm, and the south of France through frequent trips over the last ten years.

Christopher's photography has been sold to literally thousands of clients who have encountered his extraordinary prints being exhibited in New York’s SoHo, Tribeca, the Lower East Side, and Midtown Manhattan, where he maintains his studio/showroom. A portion of the collection is also represented by Artography Ltd. and sold on the exclusive auction site 1stDibs.

He maintains relationships with several interior designers in New York who purchase his prints for both residential and commercial projects. His photography has been featured in the New York Times Magazine and licensed by numerous organizations. Cornell University recently licensed some of his skyline photography to be used as the imagery covering the school’s inter-campus buses.

Christopher currently has an ongoing exhibition of thirteen large limited edition prints installed in the Rockefeller Center offices of MJX Asset Management.

The Prints

In today's digital world, photos are most often viewed on a variety of devices and screens; all with their own color gamut, resolution, and brightness. Did you ever pick up a friend's phone and wonder why the screen looks so yellow, or blue, or dark? Everyone has different settings going on! You can never be certain that you're seeing the image as the photographer originally intended.

That's why a carefully executed print remains the ultimate way to experience fine art photography. Light, shadow, and color are precisely controlled by the photographer in a consistent and enduring form. A high quality print is a thing of extreme beauty, something to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Christopher Petsos controls every aspect that goes into his prints. He does all of the post-processing in his own studio, prepares every individual file for printing, and inspects every proof. Only then will he sign his name to a work. The same attention to detail is devoted to every print, whether it's a signed and numbered limited edition, or a small size open edition print.

1960 Through a Tale of the Past
Available Sizes:
11x15" archival print with 16x20" white mat
Large Prints: 20x30", 24x36", 30x45", 40x60"

Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints are available in three formats: true metal prints, acrylic mounted prints, and some as pigment prints on paper. Every image on this website has a caption indicating which sizes and formats are available.

*Please note: Limited edition prices vary by image, size, and edition. To get a quote, or request more information about a selected image, email:

Make sure you include the image number/name, and the size you want.

Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints are 11x15” in size, mounted to a 16x20” white acid-fee mat with white core, prepared on archival paper with Epson Claria ink. With proper care they will retain their appearance for a lifetime without fading or yellowing. These are true archival prints. The size is perfectly fitted for a standard 16x20” frame. As such, it does not require custom framing unless you want a different mat size or color.

All 11x15" open edition matted prints are $100.00 each. If purchasing more than one of these, please email chris@chrispetsos.com for a special quote with a discount for multiple prints.

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NYC Architecture

Street Photography/People

NYC Signs and Storefronts

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Architecture, Landscapes, People, and Essence of Greece