Limited Edition Photo Prints

This body of work is a collection of observations made across more than twenty years of walking the streets of New York City with my camera, capturing the buildings, people, and public spaces of my home. So much has changed since the end of the 20th century. I concentrate on the rich legacy that remains intact, and the new structures that distinguish themselves from everything else being built.

Fascination with architecture, and the landscapes and cultures from which it developed, has made travel a central feature of my life. Returning to the studio and examining what I’ve collected through the camera is a joy. Every picture I take has a reason. But it’s not always easy to decide what I should include for sale as prints on these pages, so if you’re interested in particular subject matter from New York, Greece, Italy, Paris etc. that you can’t find here, ask me what else I might have.

Thank you for viewing my collection.


Select from a range of limited edition large format metal prints or acrylic-mounted prints, in sizes that range from 20x30" to 48x72". Or, choose open edition paper prints ranging in size from 11x15 to 20x30". Available sizes are noted under each image. You can also request custom size prints or framing solutions. Contact for prompt, personal service.

New York



The built environment of New York City is endlessly varied and randomly juxtaposed like nowhere else on Earth. The city is dense, tall, and absolutely full of structures that command attention.


Nature & Landscapes


Botanical photography, the Mediterranean Sea and its adjacent landscapes, and the elements of nature.


Urban Elements


Light, motion, pattern, and texture in the urban environment in images that lean toward abstraction.

Graphic City


The city is a hive of communication. We're surrounded by signs, storefronts, street art and graphics, all competing for our attention. Some achieve longevity in the streetscape and become as iconic as the architecture. Others are ephemeral and deserve to be immortalized in photos before they disappear forever.




Based on a series of visits from 2013 to 2023. Architecture, vistas along the Seine, streetlife, and storefronts.



Landscape and architectural photography of Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, the Val d'Orcia of Tuscany, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and Sicily.



Within a relatively small geographic area, Greece's varied topography ranges from tree-covered mountains to subtropical beaches. I explore the architecture, landscapes, and people of Greece.

Côte d'Azur and Provence


Spotlighting the unique charm and beauty of Provence and the Côte d'Azur,

Images from the Provence countryside, Saint-Remy de Provence, Avignon, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Gordes, Antibes, Nice, Eze, and Monaco.


This is a relatively new series that will be expanded in 2023, with the expectation that an forthcoming trip to London will provide another opportunity to explore this fascinating city from a New Yorker's perspective.



Focus on the South Beach art deco historic district and Wynwood.




The architectural highlights and streetscapes of Stockholm, ranging from the Medieval period to the present day.


Street Photography


The people, lifestyles, and public spaces of New York City.


CONTACT to request a quote or place orders. You will receive prompt, personal service. For framed metal prints or acrylic-mounted prints, SIZES ARE: 20x30", 24x36", 30x45", 40x60", and 48x72". Availability of each size depends on the particular image/edition. Please include the image number and title with your inquiry.
0614 Entwined, shown as a 40x60" limited edition print
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Photography print by Christopher (Chris) Petsos with light and shadows on a terrace above the water in the village of Plaka, Milos, Greece
1608 The Enigma of Expectation.
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2735 Love, Miami Style
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Palermo Sicily prints by Christopher Petsos hanging above a credenza with olive green walls
Palermo fine art photographic prints by Christopher Petsos
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Christopher Petsos fine art print, Liquid Sky Redux, displayed above a teal sofa in a room with modern minimalist decor
6823 Liquid Sky Redux, shown as a 48x72" limited edition print.

Mood Swing, a fine art print by Christopher Petsos, hanging in a modern living room
7605 Mood Swing by Christopher Petsos
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1985 First Light on the Fields
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Christopher Petsos fine art black and white photography print of Santorini, Greece architecture with white stairs creating a cubist composition.
9559BW Volcanic Geometry

0076 Autumn Foliage of Montmartre
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geometric pastel colored art miami deco relief
2546 Deco Pastel No.5
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Photos of provence
1743 Vaucluse Olive Grove
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Chris Petsos limited edition print of the GE Building crown hanging next to a piano
1154 GE Building Crown
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Photos of London
4834 Boudica and Big Ben
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1491 Floating Leaves No. 2
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A white road of Tuscany photographed by Christopher Petsos, with green fields of wheat on both sides as far as the eye can see
2458 Strada Bianca
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6283 Sand Dune with Beachgrass
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Fine art print by Christopher Petsos of the Tourlitsis Lighthouse off the island of Andros, Greece with waves of turquoise water splashing the rocks
5148 Tourlitsis Lighthouse, No.1
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6920 Pastel Twilight
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Christopher Petsos photography print of the Paris Fountain du Palmier with spires in the background
9829 Time Span
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4140 Motorgate
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NYC Architecture

Street Photography/People

NYC Signs and Storefronts

Central Park

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