My collection ranges from New York City to London, Paris, and the Mediterranean. Previous visitors will notice that the galleries for Spain and other destinations have been temporarily removed as I update the site.

The pages beyond the home directory contain a series of thumbnail photos that expand into a complete slideshow when any image is selected.

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If you have any questions about a photo, or would like more information about purchasing a print, please email chris@chrispetsos.com.

Positano Sunrise
Positano Sunrise

New York Pixels:
A Close-up of The City

The New York photo collection is large, organized into a series of themes. City architecture, neighborhoods, events, people, seasons, and storefronts are represented at New York Pixels.

New York is my home city . Together the photographs portray a vast and dramatic mosaic of early 21st century New York City.


Portrait of Greece: Land, Sea, Shelter, and Life

The Greece collection is divided into two galleries:

Scenic Greece contains landscapes, seascapes, and natural elements.

Greek Life is centered around the people and culture of the country.

Urban Elements

Lght, pattern, texture and color. across recognizable urban features such as building facades and infrastructure.

This collection is offered in a variety of sizes, beautifully executed as large framed metal prints. Transform a room with a giant splash of color and pattern, intensified by the almost three-dimensional appearance of an aluminum print.






Natural Elements

Urban Elements

Please send questions, comments, proposals, and requests to purchase prints to chris@chrispetsos.com

Thank you for viewing my work.

Other Focal Points:

Scenic Greece: Land-Sea-Shelter
Landscapes, seascapes, and architectural images of Greece. 70+ images.

Greek Life: Culture and Biology
People, culture, animals, plants, and essence of Greece. 70+ images

60+ images

50+ images