#9594 Reflections in the Ramble

Autumn leaves floating on water with reflections of sky and trees
#9594 Reflections in the Ramble
New York 2016
Available Print Sizes
• Open Edition (paper)
11x15" print with mat for total size of 16x20"
12x18, 16x24 or 20x30" not matted
• Limited Edition (metal or acrylic-mounted)
20x30, 30x45, 40x60, 48x72"

Fallen Autumn leaves float on the stillness of a pond, in the Ramble section of Central Park. Below the floating leaves, the remaining leaf canopy and patches of blue sky are mirrored on the water's surface, while the reflection of tree branches grounds the scene. The soft focus creates a dreamy effect of blurring all three layers together. By placing the tripod low to the ground, you get an illusion of infinity as the floating leaves become smaller in the distance.

Reflections in the Ramble, shown as a 48x72" limited edition print

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